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Regulatory / Clinical

Affinity Health Services’  nurse consultants bring more than 200 years of collective experience to our clients’ regulatory and clinical support.

Our team has strong experience working with nursing home and personal care home regulatory compliance.  They routinely assist facilities through survey and enforcement logistics, monitoring of special focus facilities and clients working under corporate integrity agreements.  Our clinical consultants’ expertise includes certification in wound care, certified dementia practitioner, advance certification of Resident Assessment Coordinators, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, and certified training in infection prevention in long-term care.

Affinity Health Services provides assistance with Assessing Survey Readiness through Mock Surveys and Focused Infection Control Surveys, Onsite Assistance with Survey Management, Assistance with Plans of Correction and IDR development, Directed In-service Trainings, and Plan of Correction Implementation and Monitoring. 

Regulatory support services include:

  • OBRA Mock Survey
  • Post-Survey Correction Assistance
  • Survey Plans of Correction Assistance and Implementation Monitoring
  • Directed In-Service Program Presentations
  • Informal Dispute Resolution Assistance
  • Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Policies
  • Accident Investigation Strategies and Reporting Mechanisms
  • Assistance with Implementing and Monitoring Plan of Correction
  • Dementia Unit Mock Survey for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Personal Care Homes
  • Interdisciplinary MDS, CAA’s, and Care Plan Analysis and Team Training
  • Medication Administration Compliance
  • Personal Care/Assisted Living Department of Human Services Mock Survey
  • Personal Care/Assisted Living Regulatory Training
  • Policy and Procedure Development for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Personal Care Homes
  • Quality of Life Program Assessment
  • Survey Preparedness Planning
  • Systematic Focus Review of each Federal Regulation

We also support your nursing department with DON mentoring, Nursing Department Assessments, Staffing Pattern Assessments, Infection Control Protocols, Education and Training, Clinical Competency Assessments, and Quality Assurance Performance Improvement activities.

Clinical support services feature:

  • Director of Nursing Training, Support, and Mentoring
  • MDS Coordinator Training and Support
  • Nursing Department Benchmarking
  • Nursing Department Budget Training
  • Nursing Department Competency Programs
  • Nursing Documentation Training for Compliance, Reimbursement and Risk Management
  • Nursing Management Tools
  • Nursing PPD Analysis and Comprehensive Data Collection
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategic Planning
  • Clinical Practices GAP Analysis
  • Clinical Capabilities Review
  • Palliative Care Program and Training
  • Restorative Nursing Program and Training
  • Wound Care Consultation, Programs and Training.
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Assessment
  • Education and Training Programs

Benefits of the Products:

    • Build Effective Clinical Leaders and Managers
    • Improve Accuracy of Documentation for Appropriate Reimbursement
    • Create Strong Scheduling Modules
    • Develop Services to Meet Community Needs and Improve Occupancy
    • Effective Nurse Training
    • Identify Areas for Performance Improvement
    • Identify Areas of Risk
    • Maintain Compliance with Department of Health / Department of Human Services
    • Establish Nursing Department Budget Controls

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