• Revenue Cycle

    Affinity Health Services provides assistance with Regulatory Cycle Management Affinity Health Services experts are skilled in

  • Operational Support

    With Affinity Health Services, you get an experienced partner to assist you with strategic planning, assistance

  • Financial Advisory

    Financial advisory and support offered by Affinity Health Services will help you understand your organization’s financial

  • Regulatory / Clinical

    Affinity Health Services’  nurse consultants bring more than 200 years of collective experience to our clients’

  • Marketing / Referrals

    Understanding your current market and the role your campus serves local seniors will strengthen your occupancy. 


About Affinity Health ServicesAbout Affinity Health Services


Affinity provides a continuum of services that includes both comprehensive management and consulting and advisory services to senior living communities with various organizational structures and governing philosophies. We customize our service plan based on the unique needs of each customer, providing responsible support in balancing resident care and financial stability.

At the heart of our team are conscientious, compassionate, and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of our seniors. We take great pride in the success of our contracted managed communities and consulting clients.


The Affinity team worked closely with our team, from the Administrator to the line staff, to educate and implement systems to achieve substantial compliance.

Allen L. Bonace
President & CEO ~ Saint Mary's Home of Erie

I highly recommend Affinity Health Services for their consultative services and the education they brought to us.

Allen L. Bonace
President & CEO ~ Saint Mary's Home of Erie

Cheryl and Deb were fantastic doing Directed In-Services. Affinity has been a huge help in the short time Mt. Macrina has engaged them.

Richard Leonard
Nursing Home Administrator ~ Mt. Macrina

Thank you for offering this service so that stand alone Personal Care Homes have a resource to use when there’s a need!

Crystal Atland
Executive Director ~ Charles & Margaret Polk Foundation

If you are seeking a "full service", dedicated support team, Affinity Health Services is your answer.

Rod Ruddock
retired Commissioner ~ Indiana County Commissioners

Affinity has done an outstanding job for the county, for our nursing home residents, their families and our staff.

Mike Baker
former Commissioner ~ Indiana County Commissioners

Great job! Thank you for all you do!

Claudia Sacavage
Board of Managers ~ The Williamsport Home

Would recommend to others. Everything from the speed of communication to the organization of information was top notch.

Chad Kamler
Assistant to Administrator ~ Arbutus Park Manor

As always, Affinity is top notch. Thanks for your prompt attention.

Rebecca Murdoff
Nursing Home Administrator ~ Pennknoll Village

Demonstrated exemplary skills during education and engagement of management team and staff. Very pleasant with residents. I would highly recommend Affinity Health Services

Aundrea Leonard
Administrator ~ Germantown Home

Tammy exhibited professionalism at all times, her knowledge base is apparent during conversation. Interviewing of staff was comfortable with suggestions given throughout to maximize potential.

Vicky Wittuck
Executive Director ~ Brevillier Village

I want to take the opportunity to tell you just how amazing the services were that Angela provided. I appreciate the professionalism and flexibility provided to to meet our training needs.

David Ferraro
Regional Operational Consultant

Great work (by Affinity) getting the Germantown Home on track to exceed expectations as we emerge from this pandemic. Provided a great opportunity to turn the page and move forward!

R. Max Kent,
Vice President of Operations ~ Germantown Home