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Marketing / Referrals

Understanding your current market and the role your campus serves local seniors will strengthen your occupancy.  Affinity Health Services will provide the tools you need to ensure you are measuring and monitoring the right data to continue your mission long into the future to enhance your marketing and referrals development.

Marketing / Census Support

    • Evaluate Your Current Referral and Admission Process for Timeliness and Efficiency
    • Assess and Develop New Products and Services According to Market Needs
    • Assess External Relationships with Community-Based Entities as they Relate to Referral Development Admissions and Potential “Partnership” Programs and Services
    • Educate and Train Appropriate Staff in the Importance of Marketing and Customer Service
    • Evaluate a Competitive Comparison Relative to the Position of the Facility and its Competitors
    • Evaluation of Barriers to Admissions
    • Implement a Customized, Effective Marketing Strategy to Meet and Exceed Budgeted Goals
    • Increase Occupancy, Balance Payor Mix and Unify Admission Criteria
    • Integrate a Census-Driven Marketing Team Focusing on Product and Service Development
    • Meet Budget Expectations and Financial Goals

Benefits of the Products:

    • Create a Competitive Community
    • Create a Customer Service-Driven Culture
    • Create Nursing and Marketing Teams
    • Develop Products to Serve the Community
    • Meet Budget Expectations and Financial Goals
    • Train Personnel to Succeed
    • Train to Evaluate Appropriate Admissions


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