Affinity Health Services Announces New Certifications

Kimberly Chi, Director of Nursing, Tammy Coleman, Director of Nursing, Ron Conrad, Director of Nursing and Marcie Stoup, Clinical Services Coordinator are now Certified INTERACT Champions (CIC).  Achievement of this high profile certification demonstrates the organization’s commitment to embrace change in the new landscape of post-acute care transformation.

Certified INTERACT Champion is designed for clinical leaders to play an integral role in the delivery of care, avoidance of rehospitalizations and commitment for ongoing quality improvement for the residents.

Additional benefits of being a Certified INTERACT Champion:

  • Achieve quality outcomes for residents
  • Acute care and ACO alignment with providers who are on top of the readmission process to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Focus on performance measures
  • Improved clinical competency of caregivers and assessment process
  • Facility team members gain a better understanding of the need for thorough advanced-care planning
  • Improve and enhance safe care transitions
  • Foster and improve communication among health care providers
  • Placing the resident (or patient) centric to care delivery
  • Positions the organization for value-based purchasing and reimbursement models

Congratulations Kimberly, Tammy, Ron and Marcie!

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