Letter from the CEO regarding employee vaccine requirement

Affinity takes pride in being a workplace that puts the health and safety of our team first and prioritizes them along with our client’s residents and staff.  As the leadership team, we have a responsibility to do the right thing and “lead” the way.

Becoming vaccinated is the right thing for everyone with the exception of those with certain medical conditions.  Our commitment to the seniors in our care drives our mission and core values.  Our commitment to our clients is steadfast and prideful. Getting the vaccine is about protecting others as well as yourself, your family and friends.  While getting vaccinated is a personal decision, healthcare workers are surrounded by the sick and frail who are compromised and highly susceptible.  The gravity of the situation requires action.  Because we take the safety of the resident seriously, getting the vaccine is a condition of employment.

It’s clear that the best way we can protect our workplaces and our employees is with COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines have been proven to protect against serious illness from the novel coronavirus, as well as lessen the rates of transmission. Vaccines provide stronger, longer, and better protection against infection from the novel coronavirus and its variants than the antibodies a person produces after they have been infected with COVID-19.  I have taken a significant amount of time to listen to the professionals including physicians and scientists that heavily endorse the vaccine.  I have conducted significant research on all credible sources.  I have listened to the concerns of front line workers. The conclusion is that we believe in our medical community and their expertise. The vaccine is due to be FDA-approved no later than Labor Day which is another positive step toward increasing the nation’s vaccination rates.

When we decided our career paths, included taking care of frail and elderly people, we made the determination that we would always do the right thing by them.  While our vaccination rates are excellent, every vaccinated person helps the cause so we will be universal with our safety plan.

I applaud the organizations that have already made the decision to require universal vaccines for their staff which includes hospital systems, senior living organizations, airlines, Amtrak, gyms, tech companies, retail operators and many more.  You stepped up to the plate.  Thank you for your part in the on-going vaccination efforts.  You are making a difference!


Denise McQuown-Hatter


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