Thanks Nurses! Without You, We Couldn’t Have Endured

A Message from Affinity Health Services’ CEO Denise McQuown-Hatter

We are proud to partner with many who take the necessary steps to not just “make a difference” but to take it upon themselves to “be the difference.”

That is why we celebrate two significant observances that are so special to Affinity Health Services: National Skilled Nursing Care Week (observed May 8-14, 2022) and National Nurses Week (beginning May 6 on National Nurses Day, and running through May 12, the birthdate of celebrated nurse Florence Nightingale).

We are privileged to work with nurses, and nurses are heroes. After two years of masking, lockdowns, social distancing, surface disinfection and several rounds of vaccinations, we are approaching the next phase of COVID-19 with caution and hope. This next phase of advent is being led by our nurses and our nursing homes.

Since the outset of the vaccine, we have encouraged the staff and residents to protect themselves, those they care about and those in their care. We cautiously and hopefully believe the worst is behind us. The lessons learned were as harsh as they are enduring. We can honestly say we will never be the same. We can also honestly say we are stronger for having endured.

We have collectively grieved for the staff and residents lost in this pandemic.

We await a return to better days, which we hope are near.

But our sorrow cannot be all that defines us. During trying times, we found heroes. We found front-line nurses and their managers and their families who have withstood a two-year test. Their strength is as heroic as it is inspirational.

We thank all of our partner facilities and all of their staff for rising to the challenges that took on different forms and proportions every day.

This unprecedented situation required unbreakable resilience, flexibility and creativity. And, at every turn, we found courage we may not have known we possessed. The personification of that courage was, still is and will always be our nurses.

Affinity Health Services Inc. is a consulting and management company specializing in administrative solutions for senior living communities. Affinity can provide full turnkey management or service the client’s needs in clinical, regulatory, marketing, human resources, financial and third-party billing. Affinity provides a full menu of training services and is an approved directed in-service training provider.

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