A Salute to Frontliners – the True Heroes of 2020

Healthcare Frontliners

By Mike Morlacci

During the COVID-19 storm of the year 2020, we have seen the rise of heroes in many segments of healthcare. The group that cannot be overlooked is one that comprises the workers in skilled and long-term care facilities, personal care, senior living and rehabilitation facilities.

Affinity Health Services and our partners are very appreciative of their dedication.

The frontline teams at each of our affiliates consist of certified nursing assistants, licensed nurses, directors, therapists, environment of care technicians, laundry, life enrichment, social services and food service personnel who are being pushed to their limits daily as they provide unwavering care for our residents – your parents, grandparents or other relatives and friends.

The staff places residents first while keeping everyone safe. They carry out our goal of providing high-quality care for your loved ones.

The tasks are not easy and often call upon mental and physical endurance. The gratitude is not always expressed clearly by residents, but it exists.

Externally, they blend as an army adorned in protective gowns, masks and equipment. Internally, they are a different and diverse set of individuals. Something bonds them. Something in their stern backbone and heart exemplifies courage and compassion. They live the phrase We Care, which summarizes Affinity’s commitment to reach for continuous improvement with a goal of open and respectful communication through feedback on customer experience.

Our staff members are true frontline heroes. They have a sense of duty, bravery, commitment, and determination while balancing their own lives and families. In times of social distancing, even the refuge of home becomes a place of caution.

Frontliners understand the situation and they deserve the dignity and respect of being understood.

Their character and resiliency are tested frequently. Now, more than ever, these caregivers / friends / liaisons / agents of mercy are valued as we entrust them to protect lives during exceptionally difficult times.

Thank you frontliners. We emerge from 2020 with greater strength and resolve thanks to your selfless leadership.

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