Announcing The Keynote Speaker for Affinity Days

A Look Ahead to Affinity Days 2019

The date is quickly approaching for Affinity Days 2019. This annual training and development conference features various speakers who aim to provide motivation and inspiration to Affinity communities who continue in their goal of delivering excellent services.


This year’s keynote speaker, Clint Maun, CSP, will aim to help in this inspiration. Clint is nationally recognized for his innovative expertise in healthcare consulting, speaking and research. Clint is a co-founder of Maun-Lemke Speaker and Consulting LCC  and his entire career experience has been in healthcare operations, management, leadership, quality enhancement and self-development programs. Clint has the proven ability to motivate individuals to positive action and implement results-oriented change and his dedication to our profession is evident as he brings advocacy for positive self-esteem and motivation to a new level. See Clint’s full bio here, or you can listen to his free daily audio podcast at


Among other training presentations featuring Affinity staff members, we are excited to welcome Clint and look forward to learning from his experiences.




Clint Maun, CSP Official Website
Maun-Lemke LLC


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