Affinity Health Services Turns 25!

Affinity Health Services Inc. marks 25 years of serving senior living communities as a management and consulting partner in 2021.

Co-founder, President and CEO Denise McQuown-Hatter said the Indiana-based company was formed to serve a need for providing clinical best practices, financial management, and senior living leadership to be an expert resource for clients.

McQuown-Hatter has more than 30 years of long-term care experience, including the most rewarding position of nursing home administrator.

She has held leadership roles at both the facility and corporate levels for large, publicly-held corporations as well as small, private companies.

Affinity Health Services commemorates its 25th year by continuing to provide the customized consulting and management services that has solidified the company for a quarter century. In that timeframe, Affinity has worked with more than 80 senior living providers.

“Affinity has a broad scope of expertise and a very talented team of professionals that can service senior living providers of various size and operating structures,” says Executive Vice President of Consulting and Business Development Candace McMullen.

Adapting to change is a key to Affinity’s endurance. New consulting services are a means of meeting the evolving needs of clients and partners.

As always, Affinity maintains a unique ability to help its partner entities to achieve a balance between care and financial stability.

Through the ever-changing, always-challenging realm of senior living management, Affinity has brought out the best in the company on all levels.

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