Q&A With Affinity CEO Denise McQuown-Hatter

Affinity Health Services Inc. is a 25-year mainstay in serving senior living communities as a management and consulting partner. Co-founder, President and CEO Denise McQuown-Hatter was there for the launch and continues to oversee the operations a quarter-century later.

Why and how Affinity was developed is as unique as the services it provides, ranging from advisor for senior living communities to customized consulting solutions for organizational structures.

Here are some of her insights,
What was the inspiration to develop Affnity?
“I fell in love with seniors and providing them the highest standards of care very early in my career. I had some outstanding mentors as a young adult. That love of the elderly population, along with solid financial management, shaped Affinity. We were formed to serve a need for providing clinical best practices, financial management, and senior living leadership to be an expert resource for clients.”
What has Affinity done well?
“Throughout the years, Affinity has attracted exceptional health care professionals that share the core principles of the company, including the highest level of integrity and transparency.”

What is unique about Affinity?
“We customize our service plan based on the unique needs of each customer, providing responsible support in balancing resident care and financial stability. We are proud of WE CARE, which is our commitment to reach for continuous improvement. The goal is open and respectful communication through feedback on customer experience.”

How is Affinity’s team of experts outstanding?
‘At the heart of our team are conscientious, compassionate, and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of our seniors. We take great pride in the success of our contracted managed communities and consulting clients.”

What is your biggest challenge?
“We can never lose sight of our commitment to care and our responsibility as supportive partners. This past year’s COVID situation was like nothing we’d ever experienced. I am proud of meeting our mission and mandating the vaccine among employees for the sake of protecting those we serve.”

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