Affinity Health Services Will Help Implement Mandatory Staff Vaccination Policies

On Nov. 4, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the new vaccine requirements that will compel providers to require COVID-19 vaccination for all eligible staff. Currently, nursing home vaccination rates nationally average 71%.

CMS announced a deadline of Jan. 4, 2022, for Medicare and Medicaid-certified health care providers to ensure that all eligible staff receive the full vaccine dose. To meet this deadline, providers are required to establish a policy by Dec. 5, 2021, that ensures compliance with the federal mandate.

Now is the time to act. Affinity Health Services offers you a solution.

In October, Affinity Health Services implemented mandatory staff vaccination policies at seven of its managed properties. Planning for the implementation date for mandatory staff vaccination started months prior.  A strong education campaign intended to provide our employees with factual and accurate information was the first step. With all of the inaccuracies circulating regarding the vaccine, it was critical that we investigate and prepare accurate information for our staff to make an informed decision.  Our leadership and management teams spent time talking with those staff who were hesitant to receive the vaccine.  Many of our Medical Directors and local physicians were also engaged and worked alongside in our campaign to achieve 100% compliance.

Prior to announcing the mandatory vaccine policy, our managed location’s staff vaccination rates averaged 63 to 100%. Affinity Health Services’ President and CEO Denise McQuown-Hatter commented that: “We were so pleased that so many of our staff chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine voluntarily, because they believe in the science and have a strong desire to protect our residents.  I am so proud of our location teams and their ongoing commitment to providing our residents with the safest environment.”

Executive Vice President of Operations Bryan Hagerich credits successful implementation to planning and teamwork. “Implementing the mandatory vaccination policies at our locations was certainly a daunting task,” he said. “We have a very knowledgeable and astute clinical and operations team who worked together with our campus management teams and union leaders to implement each phase of the plan.

“I attribute our success to the extensive planning process that includes not only the education campaigns but ensures the adequacy of labor resources, policy, procedure and practice development, and diligent preparation for the implementation date.  I feel very good about the process we employed to meet our 100% compliance goal. “

For more information on how to successfully implement a mandatory employee vaccination program, please contact Affinity at 877-311-0110. Let Affinity’s experience work for you!

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